Who's Your One?


Three Circles of Evangelism

God's Design - Brokenness - Gospel

This was part of a great series Who's Your One?, that Pastor Dalton Fowler led the church in; with related sermons on Sunday morning and bible study videos on Wednesday mornings and nights. We just wrapped up with the videos last night. But even with the series coming to an end, the prayers and search for Your One should not. If you haven't, find your one and start to pray for them to understand the Gospel and Gods love for them and if you have, don't get discouraged, continue with your prayers and outreach for them. It takes time, but time well spent! If you are reading this and feel that you need a better understanding of what is being said or feel you are completely lost and want to know Gods love in your life, please visit or contact us through this website, our Facebook page, phone-226.2905 or email - or
We would love to talk to you. If we can help you with Your One or if You Are the One!  Also visit


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